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The Stunning 9/11 Conspiracy Behind Anna Kendrick’s Pitch Perfect

On its face, there isn’t much overlap between Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick’s hit a cappella comedy, and Room 237, the 2013 documentary detailing kooky fan theories about Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. But “Pitch Perfect 237,” a short but vital video by YouTube user CookStProductions, combines the themes of both films to show that Kendrick is an “expressionist genius,” a low-key auteur whose masterpiece, Pitch Perfect, is underneath its feel-good façade a parable “about, and in protest against, 9/11.”

The evidence is strong. I’ll leave the details to the video, but suffice to say that many subtexts are supplied, and all of them are completely convincing (The airline imagery? Nine members in the boys’ a cappella group, and 11 members in the girls’? And what else could the team bus running out of gas symbolize other than America’s oil crisis?). Enjoy.

(via Reddit.)