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Key & Peele Shows Us the Dark Side of That Viral Aerobics Video

Two weeks ago we brought you the amazing aerobics championship video that syncs up perfectly with Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” Now, in a new sketch, Key & Peele imagines us the dark side of that video.

It’s worth noting that Key & Peele director Peter Atencio, the show’s secret weapon (he directs every episode), has called the sketch his “favorite Key & Peele sketch of the season, and possibly ever.” It’s not hard to see why: While the premise is simple—there’s hardly any dialogue—everything from the VHS-style grain and neon costumes to the goofy choreography and inspired casting of Clint Howard is note-perfect. While you might not initially notice something like the mid-sketch switch in aspect ratio (from the boxy proportions of TV to a more cinematic widescreen, for the behind-the-scenes footage), it’s by nailing details like these that Key & Peele stands out among the competition.

“Shake It Off” and This 1989 Aerobics Video Were Made for Each Other