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They Just Went and Made a New Dinosaur in the Trailer for Jurassic World

“Probably not a good idea.”

Still from the Jurassic World trailer via YouTube.

In the long-delayed fourth Jurassic Park movie, a theme park full of dinosaurs is such an unthreatening thing that Judy Greer is excited to send two young boys there alone.

But then humanity has to go and push things too far again. They’re not just reviving old dinosaurs anymore. They’re cooking up new ones. And Chris Pratt is pretty sure that’s a bad idea. His exact words: “You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea.”

So yeah, this looks pretty silly. On the other hand, that moment when the giant dinosaur eats the shark? I enjoyed it.

On the other other hand: Is there a better visual metaphor for the gigantism of 21st-century Hollywood blockbusters than a massive CGI creature devouring a now-puny-looking great white shark? That was intentional, right? I mean, even if Spielberg didn’t direct this one, he’s still an executive producer.

Anyway, Jurassic World arrives in June.

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