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Don’t Care About Your State Legislature? Let John Oliver Amusingly Explain Why You Should.

With Election Day just a day away, all eyes are on whether the Republicans will take control of the Senate. However, on Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver made the case for why our local elections are just as important. While this U.S. Congress has been stuck in partisan gridlock as one of the least productive in history, state legislatures have been passing bills by the thousands, including important laws about abortion, gay marriage, and other issues.

So while the only time we might hear about state legislators is when they run hilariously bad ads or make entertainingly outrageous statements, we should follow the influential laws they’re passing, too—especially when many legislatures lack any strong oversight, as Oliver explains. Of course, because it’s Last Week Tonight, there’s plenty of those crazy ads and outrageous statements, too.