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If Martin Scorsese Directed Wet Hot American Summer 

In 2001, Wet Hot American Summer was released to critical and commercial failure. Over a decade later, the film boasts a fervent cult following, and cast members like Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, and Bradley Cooper are all household names. The film’s satirical hijinks still tickle, but Vimeo user Tommy Button saw something deeper at work—somber themes like power, sex, and masculinity, themes that permeate the oeuvre of one Martin Scorsese. In an inspired tribute to both the movie and director, Button made a parody trailer that envisions Scorsese’s take on the raunchy comedy.

The most important addition? A Stones soundtrack, of course. Button wisely opts for “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’,” which sets the stage for some slo-mo entrances, various scenes of material excess, and a vivid, crescendoing montage of chaos. Enjoy.

(via /Film.)