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The Evil Dead Will Be a TV Show

Things will get pretty undead on Starz next year.

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The Evil Dead, the horror classic that launched a media franchise, made Sam Raimi a household name, and instilled a fear of cabins in an entire generation, will be adapted into a TV series to premiere next year. The show will be called Ash vs. Evil Dead, and Raimi, who directed most of the Dead films, will write and produce it for Starz.

As the title suggests, the show will continue the story of Ash Williams, the aging, chainsaw-handed protagonist who must once again kill possessed loved ones when a Deadite plague threatens humanity. Bruce Campbell will reprise the role. It all sounds like good, gory, refreshing fun: Starz is the perfect home for B-movie fodder like this, and the fact that Raimi and friends are involved means the show will feature the franchise’s trademark humor—that elusive quality sadly absent from self-serious zombiefests like The Walking Dead.