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The Many Motifs of the Coen Brothers’ Films

If you were to watch every movie the Coen brothers have made, you’d encounter an oeuvre of startling depth, vision, and complexity. The directors make films that feel thematically consistent, despite huge differences in genre and subject matter. Grant Pichla is the latest to tackle the directors’ work, and his lively video essay teases out some of the more subtle virtues of their films.

Pichla organizes his analysis through various Coen motifs—men lost in an absurd world, atypical portrayals of law enforcement, and a penchant for casting against type, among others. In doing so, he illuminates just how precisely crafted these movies are, and how the Coens circle back to the same themes over and over again to mine new truths and create greater depth in their characters.

(via Indiewire.)