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Abbi and Ilana Are Back: Watch the Trailer for Broad City Season 2

On Jan. 14, Broad City, which Slate critic Willa Paskin praised as “TV’s funniest comedy,” returns to follow up on its “triumphant, hilarious, silly, bizarre, stoned-out-of-its-mind” first season. Since last season’s finale, we’ve caught a few glimpses at what best friends Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) and Ilana (Ilana Glazer) have been up to with a series of quirky Web shorts. Now, Comedy Central has released the first full trailer for Season 2, which promises “more you, more panache, more spunk, more jizzy-jazz”—or so Ilana says of what she’d like to see from Abbi this go-round.

Naturally, they both bring it: In the trailer, we see the two up to their old twerking, “titty chip,” “suck my d–k” New York City shenanigans. There’s more bong hits, possibly even funnier jokes (check the riff on Ilana’s “white power suit”), and, thankfully, more Hannibal Buress. It also looks like Season 2 will introduce at least two new characters, including Ilana’s mom (Susie Essman) and another character played by Seth Rogen, who we see at the trailer’s end inexplicably shouting at a kitten that shows up in Abbi’s apartment.

If Season 2’s 10-episode run is even half as good as the show’s first, expect Broad City to maintain its reputation as the funniest show on TV.