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Galactica, This Is Ghost Rider, Requesting a Flyby

This video comes courtesy of Nick Acosta, who had the ingenious idea of swapping the scores of the two dogfight-oriented classics—an artistic (and fan-fiction-friendly) decision that, in hindsight, appears obvious. Rebellious, talented, and always down for a drink or a hyper-competitive game of pyramid, Starbuck has plenty in common with Maverick. Watching her guide her Viper out of the Galactica launch tube to Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” and Harold Faltermeyer’s score just seems like something the world needed.

And the same goes for what comes at the end: Maverick on the deck of an aircraft carrier, checking his rig, and taking off—all backed by Bear McCreary’s much more emotional and eerie Galactica score. It just works.