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SNL’s New Thanksgiving Jam Captures the Joy of Straight Chillin’ at Your Parents’ House

Saturday Night Live’s latest music video has already been shared far and wide, and deservedly so: “Back Home Ballers” is a hilarious, accurate, and ultimately sweet tribute to the joys of returning to your parents’ house for Thanksgiving. A fully stocked fridge, free Wi-Fi, easy access to a washing machine—these aren’t the only perks of going home for the holidays. There are also tacos on demand, Crest White Strips, and, if your mom is like Leslie Jones’ mom, “bowls, bowls, all type of bowls.”

The worst that can happen is that you’ll get roped into an awkward conversation with your neighbor Jean. You may recognize Jean from the last video from SNL girl group Your Girls, “(Do It On My) Twin Bed,” which also paid tribute to returning to one’s childhood home for the winter holidays. Given the wealth of musically talented, goofily game female actors in SNL’s current cast, let’s hope these videos become a long-running holiday tradition.