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The Honest Trailer for Transformers 4 Is a Masterpiece

I’m not always a fan of these Honest Trailers, but this time I have to hand it to them: This might be the Citizen Kane of Honest Trailers, every bit as good as Transformers: Age of Extinction was a sexist, overlong, incoherent puddle of Autobot pee-pee.

It covers just about everything, and it doesn’t take Age of Extinction’s 2 hour 45 minute runtime to do it. The unparalleled levels of product placement, the plot so poorly sketched that Slate deputy editor John Swansburg and I spent 2,000 words trying to figure out what happened, the casting of Mark Wahlberg as a Texas inventah, the truly creepy objectification of a minor, and the seemingly complete disregard for the viewer. Perhaps the only thing more disheartening than remembering how bad this movie was is remembering that it still made more than $1 billion at the box office.