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How to Make Seeding Butternut Squash Slightly Less Annoying

The annoyances of preparing butternut squash for cooking are myriad: There’s peeling the thick, tough skin away from the slimy flesh, a task so bothersome I decided to skip it while filming the demonstration above. There’s cutting the squash into slices or cubes, a task that requires a sharp knife and more than a little upper-body strength. 

And then there’s removing the seeds from the squash’s bulbous base. If you enjoy removing the seeds and pulp from Halloween pumpkins, you’re out of luck: Seeding butternut squash is far more exacting task than seeding pumpkins, and you don’t even get a jack-o-lantern at the end. But there is a way to make this messy, unpleasant task go by slightly faster, as you will see above.