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The New Interstellar Trailer Is the Most Exciting Yet

Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar

This one gets pretty intense.

Still from the trailer for Interstellar

The trailers for Interstellar thus far have done a remarkably good job of tantalizing fans without spoiling too many of the movie’s biggest set pieces. That is, perhaps, until now. The first half of the new trailer focuses on what appears to be the movie’s environmental message: Matthew McConaughey talks about the importance of adapting on the movie’s climate-change-wrecked Earth. But the second half takes us deep into the movie’s space travel sequences, and shows us a number of striking new images.

Some fans, if they’ve already committed to seeing the movie as fresh as possible, may prefer not to watch. But for the rest the new footage shows a mysterious walking hunk of metal that resembles the hammers from The Wall and a “mountain” that turns out to be, well, something else. The closing sequence is pretty intense, and suggests that Christopher Nolan should once again be able to deliver the thrills promised by all this teasing.

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