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A Female-Driven Ghostbusters Is Coming. For Real.

Who you gonna call? Women, apparently.

Photo by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

One of Hollywood’s most persistent “will they or won’t they?” behind-the-scenes tales has been the long-gestating next installment in the Ghostbusters franchise, which has seen its share of starts and stopsscript re-writes, and wavering interest from its original stars over the years. The project has often felt so doomed that no one could be blamed for feeling skeptical about the recent news that another reboot might finally be a go at Sony, with Paul Feig at the helm and—amazingly—a female-led Ghostbusting team.

But everything has changed now, because Feig has confirmed the news:


While the notion of another Ghostbusters movie so long after the first two films had long seemed unpromising, this news makes a reboot seem like an inspired idea, offering a great excuse to place some “hilarious women” at the front and center of a gigantic franchise. Time to start picking your fantasy cast; Bill Murray’s already got a few names in mind.