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Flying Lotus’ Gory New Video Is a Perfect Halloween Treat

Flying Lotus has always favored a more abstract and unconventional approach to his music videos. So it’s no surprise that teaming up with experimental animator David Firth, creator of the cult animated web series Salad Fingers, would produce the sickest video he’s ever done—sick as in grotesque, as well in the more colloquial sense. Shot for “Ready Err Not,” a song off FlyLo’s new album that’s just as odd as this video, it’s the perfect Halloween treat.

The video starts off with a warning about scenes “viewers may find disturbing” before cutting to a shot of a cartoon FlyLo being decapitated, his blood-spattered head rolling to the ground. And it only gets gorier (and weirder) from there, with imagery that recalls the freak-show stylings of the early ’90s Nickelodeon cartoon Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (only considerably more NSFW). As FlyLo explains, “There’s some strange lil’ boys in my head.”