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Every Google Glass Ad Should Be This Good

In the two years since FKA Twigs first caught the Internet’s attention with her eye-popping video for “Hide,” she’s established herself as one of the most visually creative musicians going. All of her videos—most recently, “Two Weeks”—are high-concept works of art. Her latest creation, #throughglass, a short film Twigs directed in collaboration with Google Glass, puts the goofy-looking tech device to the best use I’ve seen so far.

Set to a reworked version of “Video Girl,” from her debut album, and an unreleased song called “Glass & Patron,” Twigs uses Google Glass to search for Benjamin Milan vogue tutorials as well as “dominant krumping” (a nod to the Wet Wipez dance crew she’s worked with before). She then takes what she’s learned, turns around to face a wall of mirrors, and recreates their techniques, move for move, along with several other dancers—and gymnasts—fashioned to look like her (including the overdrawn eyes). The two-minute clip will make you wish every Google Glass ad looked like this.

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