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Benedict Cumberbatch Might Be Doctor Strange

Is that you, Doctor Strange?


Not content with popping up in just two massively popular film franchises, Benedict Cumberbatch is reportedly “in negotiations” to star as Doctor Strange in the upcoming movie adaptation of the Marvel comic.

The news doesn’t seem to be set in stone quite yet: Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr. sounds confident, but he doesn’t offer confirmation from anyone at Marvel or representing the actor that Cumberbatch will definitely get the part. Yet, as could be expected, Cumberbatch fans are excited to see him as the Sorcerer Supreme. The actor is about to appear in the prestige picture The Imitation Game, playing Alan Turing, a role that many observers expect to land him an Oscar nomination.

Other details about the movie are at a minimum at the moment. (Could the comics’ Illuminati storyline finally emerge in film form via Doctor Strange? That’d be interesting.) Scott Derrickson, who has mostly made horror movies (Deliver Us From Evil, most recently) is directing, and the movie is scheduled for a July 2016 release.