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Watch a Delightful Supercut of POV Vehicle Shots in Wes Anderson Movies

A submarine shot from The Life Aquatic.

Still from Vimeo.

We’ve seen supercuts highlighting Wes Anderson’s love for symmetry and overhead shots, but Vimeo user Jaume R. Lloret has made a video focused on another of the director’s signature tics: point-of-view shots from various vehicles.

It may seem like a hyper-specific idea, but there’s plenty of material—Anderson’s back catalog features a rich variety of vehicles, whether it’s the trains of The Darjeeling Limited, submarines of The Life Aquatic, or canoes of Moonrise Kingdom. For me, these POV shots have always functioned as a counterpoint to those who believe Anderson’s fastidious aesthetic and fussy composition place the viewer at an insurmountable remove—they serve to immerse the audience, and offer a first-person perpective in his lovingly constructed worlds.

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