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The Trailer for Taken 3 Is Here, and Guess Who’s on His Phone Again

The bad guys are after his family—again.

Still via YouTube

By now the formula for the Taken franchise is pretty well established: Time and again ex-CIA operative Bryan Mills, played by Liam Neeson, applies his “very particular set of skills” in order to save himself and his family from various harrowing situations. In Taken, he used those skills to rescue his teenage daughter Kim from a human trafficking ring. In Taken 2, he used them to free both himself and his ex-wife Lenore from captivity. In both of them, he spent lots of time making threats over the phone.

In Taken 3 (stylized as Tak3n), they’ve come after his wife, again, and this time the stakes appear to have been raised: Mills has been framed for Lenore’s murder and he’s on the run from every crime-stopping institution in America—including Forest Whitaker—while seeking to “finish this” (with a defibrillator, of all things).

Predictably, there’s lots of gun-wielding, lots of explosions, and, once again, lots of Neeson grumbling into his cell phone. All of which is to say this Olivier Megaton-directed third installment looks like an appropriate conclusion to this drawn-out trilogy.

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