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This Trailer for the Next Jennifer Lawrence–Bradley Cooper Movie Is Not Very Promising

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in Serena.

Still from YouTube

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are in yet another movie together. But despite Hollywood’s franchise inclinations, it’s no sequel. Instead, Serena is a Depression-era period piece about a power-grabbing couple whose business empire begins to crumble when the wife appears unable to produce an heir. Sound dramatic enough? The trailer’s crescendoing violins think so.

Serena has been in the wings since early 2012, delayed, apparently, by Oscar-winning director’s Susanne Bier’s “precision edit.” (Bier, who is Danish, directed In a Better World, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.) Whether that perfectionism was enough to redeem the goofy wigs and “folksy” accents on display here is unclear—as is, for the moment, just when JLaw and BCoop fans will be whisked away into the exciting world of the North Carolina timber industry: Serena will screen at the London Film Festival in October, but no word yet on a U.S. release date.