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When Zack Morris “Catfished” Screech, Things Got Weird

Long before Catfish, the documentary and spinoff reality series about people carrying on online relationships under the guise of fake personalities, Saved by the Bell’s Zack Morris practiced his own zany version of such deception.

YouTube user vkmtvstudios has made a clever mashup of the notably bizarre Saved by the Bell episode “Screech’s Woman” and the equally bizarre MTV series. In the resulting video, Catfish hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph help Bayside High’s resident geek navigate his relationship with “Bambi,” the girl of his dreams, whom he has never met—and who is really Zack, armed with noble intentions, pretending to be a girl interested in Screech in order to cheer him up.

The video hits nearly every beat of the reality show’s standard narrative—the only thing left out, sadly, is the final, emotional confrontation after the big reveal. Still, fans of either show will likely get a kick out of watching Screech get “Catfished by the Bell.”

(Via BuzzFeed.)

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