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Watch Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey Do a Second City Sketch in 1997

One of my favorite online projects is Splitsider’s Second City Archives, which unearths clips of today’s comedy stars when they were young, brimming with potential, and still honing their skills at Chicago’s iconic comedy club. The series’ latest find is a charming skit from 1997, “Grandma’s Records,” which stars Rachel Dratch as a manic nun and Tina Fey as some musical accompaniment.

The premise: some nuns look through the deceased Mother Superior’s record collection for some appropriate memorial music, but discover that their late leader possessed a secret, sinful stash of tunes. Dratch is particularly good, employing her livewire energy with impeccable timing. The sketch, from the Paradigm Lost revue, also featured Scott Adsit, Kevin Dorff, Jenna Jolovitz, and Jim Zulevic.

(via Splitsider.)