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Liam Neeson Really Likes His Phone

Following the release last weekend of A Walk Among the Tombstones, Bloomberg Businessweek’s Mark Glassman noted that the action thriller is only the latest Liam Neeson film to follow a particular trend:

For about 8 1/2 minutes of Tombstones—or 7 percent of the movie—Neeson’s character is on the phone. He barks orders, cuts deals, and demands proof that a little girl is still alive. At one point he even calls directory assistance. He is on 10 separate calls.


As Glassman chronicles in some detail, Neeson’s action films since he delivered his iconic phone call scene in Taken (2008) have gone out of their way to include lots more scenes of Neeson on the phone—between the two Taken movies, Non-Stop, and A Walk Among the Tombstones, the actor spends 42 minutes of screentime on the phone, to be exact. Glassman’s report included some nifty charts, but we wanted to see what this looked like in action. You won’t find all 42 minutes in the video above, but you will get to witness, in all its glory, one of contemporary cinema’s great love affairs.

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