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Kutiman Returns With Another Brilliant Song Comprised Entirely of YouTube Clips

Some of the musicians featured in “Give it Up.”

Still from YouTube

In 2009, Tel Aviv–based musician Ophir Kutiel released Thru-YOU, a project that made startlingly deft use of YouTube clips to craft original music. Kutiel, who works under the name Kutiman, is finally back with “Give it Up,” which further proves his talent for stitching together obscure samples into really, really good songs.

It’s also proof of his penchant for amateur and instructional videos: “Give it Up” is comprised entirely of various clips from unknown musicians, including a 6-year-old pianist and a high school brass ensemble. These component clips are seamlessly threaded together, such that the song doesn’t feel like a forced mashup or cannily compiled gimmick—Kutiel’s genius not only blurs the line between curation and creation, but renders it irrelevant. “Give it Up” is off his forthcoming album, Thru You Too, which will be released Oct. 1.