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Jack White’s Music Video for “Would You Fight for My Love” Was Made in a Day


Still from YouTube

In the run-up to his latest album, Lazaretto, Jack White made what he called the world’s fastest record—he performed and pressed to vinyl the album’s title track in less than four hours. Now he’s applied a similar tactic to the music video for “Would You Fight For My Love”: according to a press release, the video was conceived and created within 24 hours.

The conceit has its pros and cons. It’s an admittedly simple video—drenched in blue tones, it mostly features a brooding, unusually dapper White sitting at a bar—but its stripped-down feel and ghostly aesthetic are of a piece with the song’s mid-tempo rock and eerie, cooed vocal hook. It’s an intriguing and fitting complement to one of the album’s best cuts.