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Did You Catch Walter White’s Blink-and-You’ll-Miss-It Cameo in Godzilla?

If you saw this year’s Godzilla reboot, you might remember the film’s well-executed opening title sequence. Splicing together archival war footage with classified government files, the sequence quickly redacts the documents’ text until the only legible words are the names of the cast and crew. The files appear uncensored for mere nanoseconds, which is why even the most diehard fans probably missed the clever nod to Breaking Bad.

As one /Film reader pointed out, you can spot the Easter Egg about 50 seconds in (along with what appears to be a possible reference to Malcolm in the Middle).

As the words are censored, for a brief moment little more than “Walter” and “White” remains:

It’s unclear how many of these references were intentional, but Cranston may not be the only actor whose previous work got a shout-out: As another /Film commenter noticed, Sally Hawkins appears beside the word “submarine,” a possible reference to her 2010 film of that name, and director Gareth Edwards appears beside only the name of his 2010 debut Monsters. Well played, Gareth Edwards.

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