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The Only Restaurant Commercial That Can Accurately Be Described as Epic

“Do you ever wonder what your ancestors during the early ages or medieval era ate for lunch?” If the answer to that question is yes, you will want to watch this commercial for newly opened Staten Island restaurant Troy, flagged by Eater. Director Edward Izro did not shy away from bold cinematic gestures for the ad, in which a heavily accented man in a white suit takes viewers through all of human culinary history in just 70 seconds.

It’s difficult to choose the best part of the commercial: The baroque harpsichord soundtrack? The anthropomorphic bowl of raw meat? The flames that randomly burst into his face? If any of these features pique your interest in this dining location, rest assured that Troy Restaurant is a real place. In an interview with Gawker, the owner explained, “It’s European style, what can I tell you.” Gawker also asked the director, Eduard Izro, if the humor in the ad was intentional. He told them:

Troy is completely my idea as a restaurant and the commercial alone

my script my directing and actors casting

I deliberately took an actor with an accent and it made the audience interested in a restaurant

So if you’d like to try “a few very interesting recipes” that have been “adapted … to contemporary stomachs,” you might want to plan a trip on the Staten Island Ferry to the “Empire of Taste.”