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Netflix and Will Arnett Confirm That Arrested Development Will Return for a Fifth Season

The Bluth gang will be back.

Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Netflix

Time to bust out a little chicken dance in celebration: Arrested Development will return for a fifth season on Netflix. Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s head of content, first broke the news, but Will Arnett confirmed the comeback during his recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon.

What remains to be seen is whether showrunner Mitchell Hurwitz will address concerns audiences had with the fourth season. The show’s move to Netflix was in many ways a boon—the streaming format was highly conducive to the series’ running gags and intricate, overlapping storytelling—but there were also complaints about the season’s structure, which focused each episode on a particular character and thereby featured few moments with the entire cast on screen.

Sarandos said such objections were “a fair criticism,” but coordinating shooting schedules will pose a problem—several cast members are committed to other series, with Arnett starring in The Millers, Tony Hale reprising his role on Veep, and Jeffrey Tambor headlining Amazon’s forthcoming Transparent.