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Ariana Grande Takes an Outer Space Adventure in “Break Free”

Ariana Grande goes intergalactic.

Still from YouTube

Ariana Grande, the burgeoning pop star with the big pipes, is back with a music video for single “Break Free.” The video features Grande as a space warrior-princess who takes down some extraterrestrial baddies on her way to a rocking space party. In other words: it’s pretty great, and further showcases Grande’s ability to be funny and ridiculous while still impressing with her vocal chops.

“Break Free,” like prior single “Problem,” is a soaring pop ballad, one propelled by synth chords and a pounding bass beat. Also present are those inscrutable and grammatically incorrect lyrics, courtesy of writer Max Martin: at one point, Grande sings that “I only wanna die alive/Never by the hands of a broken heart/Don’t wanna hear you lie tonight/Now that I’ve become who I really are.” Grande is on record as having opposed the lyrics, and thankfully they don’t sound too ridiculous when the person singing them is kissing a trunk-nosed alien DJ. Enjoy.