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Tweedy’s “Summer Noon” Sounds Just Like a Wilco Song, Which Is Good News

Jeff Tweedy and his son have released a new song from forthcoming album Sukierae.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

We recently noted that Jeff Tweedy, Wilco’s frontman, has given new, more literal meaning to the term “dad rock”: He’s started a band, Tweedy, with his son Spencer. The duo already released “I’ll Sing It,” but we now have the official release of “Summer Noon,” one of 12 songs Tweedy previewed at Mountain Jam

There’s far more texture here than in the live version—a loping bass line and some intricate percussion and piano flesh out the track. But it’s still basically a Wilco song, and its roots-rock rhythms and gentle melody will be familiar to fans. The song also features in Richard Linklater’s highly anticipated Boyhood, one of the few songs in the soundtrack that isn’t a hit or familiar tune from the past 20 years.