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Robyn and Röyksopp Incite Revolution in Their Cinematic New Video

Earlier this year, Swedish singer Robyn and Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp rejoined musical forces to create one of 2014’s best EPs, a five-track, collaborative mini-album, Do It Again. And while their last video, for “Sayit,” was a sensory spectacle, it didn’t quite capture the essence of their music. Their newly released video for the EP’s title track—a Song of the Summer contender—hits the mark.

Directed by Martin De Thurah (“Flashing Lights,” “Retrograde”), the video was shot in black and white and filmed in various Mexican locations. It tells the story of a protest from multiple perspectives—a hospitalized woman, a young couple, and other villagers seeking freedom from an oppressive regime. Rather than fighting back violently, they rebel through euphoric dancing and sexual expression, which De Thurah says is meant to represent “our heart’s desire.” It feels entirely fitting for one of the year’s best dance tracks.