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Jerry Seinfeld on What Made Him Laugh Hardest (and Other Highlights From His Reddit AMA)

Jerry Seinfeld has checked in with his fans at Reddit again.

Photo by TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images

As we’ve seen in the past, Jerry Seinfeld tends to be good for a chat with his ardent fans. His latest Reddit Ask Me Anything found the comedian providing interesting tidbits on Seinfeld, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, and his childhood. We’ve corralled and condensed some of the highlights from this afternoon’s fun Q&A.

On trading in his comedic talents for a completely different skill set:

Well, the question doesn’t really make sense, because what’s the talent if I’m not funny? If I’m not funny, I have no talent. But I think I know what you’re asking, and I think I would be interested in graphic design. I really like that world of arranging colors & shapes in a pleasing way.

I’d love to have done the FedEx logo, for example. Or the Apple logo. I love that kind of thing. We had funny making the Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee logo, that was a lot of fun, I did that with an advertising agency, but when we finally got that all arranged, I really liked it. I wanted the show to have a homemade garage band feel, which is what it is, I mean, it’s 4 people in the whole show, including me. We have 2 producers, 2 editors, and a cameraman. Plus me and the guest, but the guests don’t really work on the show, they just go out for coffee.

On getting “The Contest” episode past the censors:

The way we got “The Contest” approved is that we never said any words that anybody had a problem with, everything was implied. And nobody ever questioned it at the time. We were a little surprised, but I think it was the way that we did it that made it work.

On being bullied:

One time I got bullied, yeah, I think it was second grade. It was a kid, who I would bring little Matchbox cars with me to class, and he would make a fist at me, and then take the cars. Then one day he came over to my house and wanted to play with me, and I refused. And I never saw him again. But I still remember that. I just remember him taking the cars, and him making this fist at me. And he thought we were friends, That was the weird part.

On the sort of social faux pas a 2014 Seinfeld episode might tackle:

I kind of like it when a little misspelling in a text causes a big problem, like when someone types “homo” instead of “home” and I like little problems like that.

On the kind of villain he’d like to play:

Definitely Bond Villain, but some people felt I was a little bit of a villain during my appearance on Louis [sic]. It wasn’t a real villain, but I was a little mean.

On the hardest laugh he can recall:

I think when I was about 9 or 10, and we started learning how to make human gas sounds. Those were some pretty big laughs.

But Larry and I used to have gigantic laughs writing the show, and I remember one of the first times - when Newman had to take the stand in a courtroom scene, and I believe Kramer cross-examines him, we laughed pretty hard writing that. And I also remember writing the last speech of the marine biologist, where George tells the story of finding the golf ball in the blowhole of the whale. That was a really, really long hard laugh when we wrote that.

On whether he’ll write another book:

No. Books take a long time, and I don’t get to hear the laughs.