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Hear Ariana Grande’s “Problem” Performed in 20 Different Styles

Since her breakthrough 2013 hit “The Way,” Ariana Grande has been favorably compared to Mariah Carey due to her stratospheric high notes and the mid-’90s pop nostalgia her songs frequently induce. But the newcomers’ biggest hit thus far, the song of summer contender “Problem,” has inspired vocal artist Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs to imagine what Grande’s songs would sound like in the hands of 19 other radically different musical acts, including The B-52’s, Van Halen, and the Andrews Sisters.

The elusive chanteuse is nowhere to be found here—because that would be redundant—but Vincent’s interpretations are almost entirely spot-on. (He could study the Godfather of Soul a bit more closely, but his DMX is uncanny.)

(Via Popdust.)