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This Is the Best Reaction to the United States’ World Cup Game-Winner

If you had 21-year-old defender John Brooks scoring the game-winner in the United States’ World Cup opener, then you’re either lying or you’re John Brooks. Interviewed just after he headed home the decisive goal in the United States’ 2–1 win over Ghana, Brooks said he had “dreamed I scored in the 80th minute and won the game.” It was actually the 86th minute, but American fans will take the goal (and the resulting three points) however they can get them, off of whoever’s head, at whatever time.

Deadspin has a roundup of reaction videos from around the country, but our favorite is from Kansas City. The Major League Soccer club Sporting Kansas City posted this video, which has just the right ratio of anticipation to explosion. 

And here’s the goal that launched this and many other celebrations.