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Do You Know Who Ryan Lewis Is?

Recently, we saw Drake hit the New York City streets for a bit of his usual trolling in which he asked random passersby their opinion of, who else, Drake. In that Jimmy Kimmel skit, the punch line was that with Drake disguised in a wig, full beard, and glasses, some of those people apparently didn’t realize they were dissing Drake to his face. Even funnier, though: That exact same scenario involving Macklemore’s longtime producer Ryan Lewis—only, he wasn’t in disguise.

That is precisely what played out when Jimmy Fallon had Ryan Lewis dressed as himself ask supposed hip-hop fans—some even claimed to like Macklemore—to describe what Ryan Lewis does. (“Um, rap? No, he’s the back-up, right?” one woman guessed.) And it only gets worse when Lewis asks people to identify him in a photograph.