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Understand Orange Is the New Black Characters Through Their Relationship to Food

You are what you eat on Orange Is the New Black.


Is Orange Is the New Blackessentially a cooking show set in a prison”? So claim the folks over at Digg, who have put together a supercut of food scenes from Season 1 of the Netflix dramedy. The compilation highlights how showrunner Jenji Kohan uses culinary motifs to emphasize class and culture differences, as well as to illustrate the tedium of prison, where food serves both as punishment (the moldy bologna served in solitary confinement) and reward (the doughnuts that Healy uses to buy off the women’s advisory council).

Squeamish viewers need not fear: Orange Is the New Black’s most disgusting food scenes (like when Mendez adulterates Red’s Thanksgiving gravy) have been omitted from the supercut. And hungry viewers can pre-order the Orange Is the New Black cookbook, due out this fall.