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That Game of Thrones Dragon Scene, Done in the Style of an SPCA Advertisement

Call 1-800-DRA-CARYS now.

Still from YouTube

There was a lot of death and drama in that Game of Thrones finale, but perhaps the most surprising scene was Daenerys’ tender and tragic moment with her dragons, wherein she imprisoned the beasts in the catacombs for their increasingly destructive behavior. It was the first scene in television history that had viewers shed tears for cuddly, cavorting, child-burning pet dragons.

But prepare those tear ducts again: The Daily Dot has spoofed the scene, brilliantly sending it up as an SPCA advertisement bemoaning animal cruelty. The video—which, naturally, is set to Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”—is very funny, very well done, and almost enough to make you want to pick up a murderous dragon from your local rescue center. Enjoy.


(via Gawker.)