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Melissa McCarthy Makes Movie With a Bunch of Women, Is Funny (Again)

Just two of the women in Tammy’s predominately female cast.

Photo by Saeed Adyani - © 2013 - Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Melissa McCarthy has taken on strong female roles alongside other talented actresses as early as her overlooked run on Gilmore Girls. You can apparently add her latest comedy, Tammy, which she co-wrote with husband Ben Falcone, to that list. As the title character, an unemployed fast-food pseudo-thief, McCarthy deploys her mastery of slapstick while road tripping it to Niagara Falls with her grandmother, a gray-haired Susan Sarandon. (Although, in real life, they’re only 24 years apart.)

An all-star ensemble of women—Kathy Bates, Allison Janney, Toni Collette, and Sandra Oh—round out the cast. Dan Aykroyd makes an appearance, too, though he’s not shown in the trailer (few men are). The film opens Fourth of July weekend, and while it does not appear likely to reinvent the summer comedy, it does look funny.