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Emma Stone Bewitches Colin Firth in the Trailer for Woody Allen’s Next Movie

Charmed, I’m sure.

Sony Pictures Classics/YouTube

Magic in the Moonlight, the latest film from Woody Allen, tells the story of a medium played by Emma Stone and a skeptic played by Colin Firth. It all goes down rather picturesquely, to judge from the trailer, in the south of France. As is typical of recent Woody Allen movies—which I continue to go see, though I haven’t loved one in quite some time—the film has a great cast and looks sort of underwhelming.

One thing I do like about the brief glimpse on offer: the apparent callback to Manhattan at the end. In that earlier Allen film, as you may recall, the Woody Allen character and the Diane Keaton character duck into a planetarium to get away from the rain. Something similar happens here, in what I imagine is an allusion to or a revisiting of that moment. Not enough to get my hopes terribly high for this movie, but enough to make me slightly intrigued. Magic in the Moonlight comes out in July.