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Jay Z and Beyoncé Rob Banks, Hang Out With Famous Friends in Trailer for Run

Jay Z and Beyoncé go Bonnie and Clyde in Run.

Still from YouTube

Now that the family squabbles have subsided, Jay Z and Beyoncé can focus on promoting their colossal and forthcoming On the Run tour. First step: release a four-minute, star-studded trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist. That movie is Run, a “coming never” film that features the power couple as bank robbers who—you guessed it—are on the run.

Along for the ride is a comically stacked cast: Sean Penn, Blake Lively, Don Cheadle, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rashida Jones, and Emmy Rossum. It’s a mildly confusing promo, sometimes lacking self-awareness and often incoherent; that’s partly because Jay Z and Beyoncé aren’t born actors, but even the other stars (with the exception of Jones) seem unsure how straight to play their lines. Either way, the pure excess of the video, from its ham-handed script to its absurdly high production value, is entertainment enough.