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What It’s Like to Be Blind and Love Movies

This week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences premiered the first three episodes of its new documentary Web series, Academy Originals. The goal of the series, which will debut new episodes every Monday, is to examine “everything from the creative process, to the moments that changed the course of filmmaking, to the artists who are charting its future.”

Of the first three, “Not Much to See” is the standout. In it, blind film lovers share what it’s like to experience movies without sight.


The other new episodes are worth checking out as well—one features an interview with filmmaker Tina Gordon Chism (Drumline) about her creative inspirations, while the other finds Patton Oswalt chatting with comedian Karen Kilgariff about one of his favorite films, Blast of Silence. But don’t miss “Not Much to See.” And let’s hope the Academy continues to roll out videos as engaging and personal as this one.