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Exclusive: Watch the Premiere of JASH’s Hilarious New Show The Amazing Gayl Pile

The Amazing Gayl Pile
Gayl Pile (Morgan Waters) and Reverend Dave (Brooks Gray) in The Amazing Gayl Pile.

Publicity still

Ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes at the Home Shopping Network? No? We’re willing to bet the backstage drama is not nearly as intense as depicted on The Amazing Gayl Pile, a twisted new web comedy series set at the Shop at Home Network.

Created by co-stars Morgan Waters and Brooks Gray, The Amazing Gayl Pile marks the reunion of the creative team behind Cock’d Gunns, a mockumentary series that aired on IFC Canada in 2007 and picked up two Gemini Awards (basically, Canadian Emmys). Waters and Gray have teamed up with JASH—the YouTube channel from partners Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts, and Tim & Eric—for the show’s 10-episode first season.

We couldn’t begin to spoil the show’s warped twists and turns, but Waters stars as the titular Gayl Pile, who shills hair extensions and leopard-print sleep masks as the effete host of Ladies Power Hour, until the arrival of rugged Australian “beauty expert” J.D. Castlemane (Andy King) threatens Gayl’s carefully arranged position at the Shop at Home Network. In short, the show is a sort of Lynchian stew of the absolutely mundane and the totally horrific. It’s great, and Slate is honored to premiere the first three episodes, below.