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Star Wars vs. Harry Potter: Someone Made an Epic Video of a Jedi Knight and Wizard Showdown

Stuff gets crazy when a wizard faces off with a Jedi Knight.

Still from YouTube.

Harry Potter and Star Wars have captured imaginations for generations, so it’s no surprise that fans can never get enough of the franchises’ respective worlds. You can now take classes at Hogwarts, or be one of 20,000 to attend a Star Wars conference while you wait for the series’ seventh film installment. YouTube user RackaRacka, aka Danny Philippou, took a difference tack: he’s created an amazing homemade video that combines both worlds with surprisingly potent special effects.

The short features some friends palling around, playing videogames, until a brief scuffle segues into an epic wizard vs. Jedi Knight showdown. There’s also some Lord of the Rings references thrown in for the Middle-Earth lovers. If anything, consider it your weekly reminder never to bring a sword to a lightsaber fight, or a wand to a ray gun fight, or a broomstick…well, you get the idea. Enjoy.