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He’s Moving Into Whose Office?! Time to Revisit the Don Draper Death Watch.

Don Draper on Mad Men

Was last night’s episode this season’s most ominous yet?

Photo courtesy AMC

Brow Beat is following the final season of Mad Men with the perfect meter to keep track of all the latest odds-making on Don Draper’s death: The Don Draper Death Watch.

After a season premiere full of ominous signs for Don, last week’s episode had things looking up: Don was reconnecting with Sally and finding the faith to go on. Perhaps this would be Don’s year.

But while Don is still promising to “be good,” this episode had us wondering whether Don will really be able to tolerate being such a good boy. After getting rejected by Megan, he glances back meaningfully toward the ledge outside his apartment, where he sat out in the cold at the end of the premiere. He’s back at Sterling Cooper & Partners, but only under the condition that it’s all work and no play. And in what must be the season’s most ominous sign yet—the reason we’re moving the clock a full two minutes closer to midnight—he’s got a new office: Lane Pryce’s. Whether this really is a blinking red sign or just Matthew Weiner messing with us, we all know how that ended for Lane.

Illustration by Natalie Matthews-Ramo

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