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Drake’s Never Been So Drake as He Was Undercover on Kimmel Last Night

Drake dons a fake beard and glasses to go undercover on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Still from YouTube

On the list of the most Drake things Drake’s ever done (and surely Drake keeps such a list), this would have to rank very high. For last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Drake donned a fake beard and glasses to go undercover to ask what passersby thought of him. Mostly, they didn’t like him, and Drake, charmingly, agreed with all of them. “Drake says that he came from the bottom, which, mostly likely, he didn’t,” observed one pedestrian. “Very true,” responded Drake.

If there’s anyone out there who still hasn’t realized that the rapper, singer, and next ESPYs host is pretty much always in character, and pretty much always trolling, and pretty often showing a good sense of humor about himself, this is a good place to start.