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A Gorgeous Video Tribute to Today’s Best Cinematographers

The internet is awash with movie montages dedicated to renowned auteurs, but a new video edited by filmmaker Erick Lee shines a spotlight on the director’s oft-overlooked creative partner, the cinematographer.

Lee focuses on modern-day cinematographers and cuts together some of their best shots to highlight the similarities and differences between their work. And while the roster is made up entirely of men—unsurprising, perhaps, considering how few women are represented in the field itself—filmmakers from around the globe can be found here, from Roger Deakins (Skyfall, various Coen Bros. films) and Emmanuel Lubezki (Gravity, The Tree of Life) to S. Ravi Varman (Barfi!) and Rodrigo Prieto (Argo, The Wolf of Wall Street). (The only thing that remains constant is the aspect ratio: Lee notes that he only chose films shot in 2.4:1 so that he could maintain a “consistent look” and properly honor the filmmakers’ work.)

The result is a breathtaking collection of gorgeous shots any film buff will enjoy. You can find the full list of cinematographers and their included films on the video’s homepage. (Via Indiewire.)