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Hear an Introspective Unreleased Song From Chance the Rapper

Album art from Chance’s Acid Rap mixtape.

His stage name, Chance the Rapper, immediately announces the way he wants to be perceived, but in a previously unreleased song from 2012, making the rounds today, the artist makes it clear that he has another identity to bring forth: Writer.

The track opens with Chance calling out his critics over a lush piano melody. It quickly builds into a fascinating introspective examination, part soliloquy and part boastful, confident direct address. (“I’m a writer, probably as good as Elton John/ But what’s writing good for if it ain’t helping moms?”)

As of late, Chance has been eagerly collaborating with big-name artists and some one-off solo tracks have made their way online, though there is no word yet on his much-anticipated followup to his Acid Rap mixtape. For now at least, here’s yet another fun, creative snippet to hold us over.