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Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris Do Les Mis Duet On Inside the Actors Studio

The nine-season run of How I Met Your Mother will come to a close Monday night, presumably with an answer to how indeed Ted Mosby found his belle d’amour. For those not caught up, as well as for those caught up but still starved for more time spent with the show’s wonderful, joyous characters, take comfort: the entire cast recently took the stage on Inside the Actor’s Studio, treating us to a few more comic gems before they ride into the sitcom sunset.

Most notably, Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris unleashed an impromptu performance of Les Miserables’ “Confrontation,” a duet that had been previously attempted in 2006 but was sadly cut short. Les Mis antics aside, James Lipton asked his usual index-card questions in his usual staccato sentences, and the cast answered both in and out of character—highlights include favorite scenes, Josh Radnor’s least favorite word, and a virtual cameo by Neil Patrick Harris’s adorable twin children. For more, check out the full segment.