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This Video Confirms the Identity of a Mysterious Character on True Detective

This post contains spoilers for Episode 7 of True Detective.

In the final scene of “After You’ve Gone,” the seventh episode of True Detective, the much-discussed lawnmower man returns and utters an ominous soliloquy about his family, which, he says, has been in the area for a very long time.

But which family is it? If he’s the man with the scars whom Rust and Marty have been searching for, then his surname would be Childress (that is, if Sam Tuttle’s one-time maid remembers correctly). And we know from IMDb that his first name is Errol. So, after watching an advance copy of the episode earlier this week, I Googled “Errol Childress,” and the video below—which, at the time, had 68 views—was one of the top results.

This is an audition tape, in which an actor named Daz Crawford reads for the part of Errol Childress. His lines in the first half of the video match the final lines of Episode 7 more or less exactly. Note, too, that he gives his height: Presumably the casting call asked for someone who, like the latest lead suspect on True Detective, is very tall.

As for the second half of the video, in which his accent changes and he starts talking about a dog named Miss Billy? My guess is that those lines are from something else entirely and have no direct connection to True Detective. But who knows? This show is full of mysteries.