Five-Ring Circus

This First-Person Video Will Convince You That Lugers Are Completely Insane

Matthew Mortensen

Matt Mortensen in a doubles luge training run in Sochi.


Matt Mortensen, an American who competes in the doubles luge, took the video below to show what it’s like to whiz down a luge track at hellacious speeds. Mortensen’s footage, recorded with a GoPro camera at Sochi’s Sanki Sliding Center when it opened back in 2012, shows that luging is a fun winter water slide ride that is also terrifying and might make you nauseous.

If the video doesn’t convince you, read Slate’s Seth Stevenson story on just how scary and exhilarating luge can be. But as this ad from Canada demonstrates, it can also be a surprisingly erotic sport. Sexy danger times for all! (h/t The Atlantic, Business Insider)

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